God's Plan

Haiti will be restored as a praise in the earth, a joy for all to see!

God’s Word for Haiti:

“The wicked have a plot.”

  • They steal, kill and destroy

“I have a plan!”

  • You will have a new heart and a new spirit
  • You will be clean, strong and prosperous
  • You will be a praise in the earth
  • You are Mine!

“Fear not!”

  • I will do it!
  • I will hold your right hand
  • I will strengthen and help you

“I will destroy the wicked; I will deliver the righteous.”

“I will set up My Government.”

  • I will remove the unrighteous and set others in their place
  • I will honor the Godly

“Jesus will be lifted up; revival will come!”

“Haiti will be restored”

  • The nations will come to you with their wealth, trades and expertise
  • Those who oppressed you will bow and serve you
  • The ruins will be rebuilt
  • You will be excellent, a joy for all to see
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