Meet JP Nelson…

Jean-Pierre Nelson, now 30, has endured unimaginable pain, surviving a traumatic start in life.

Before “JP” was one year old, he was given to a voodoo priest to be used as a sacrifice to the devil. His hands were bound and he was placed head-first into a searing charcoal fire. His head was burned to the bone, yet he didn’t die.

He was taken to the hospital, abandoned outside by his mother, again expected to die. A nurse found him on her way to work and dropped him off inside.

A few months later, Terry and Cary Nelson went to the hospital to pray for the sick and discovered this precious baby lying there, helpless and in pain.

Jean-Pierre was abandoned, not only outside the hospital, but now inside too. Severely malnourished, JP had no one to clothe him, doctor his burns, feed or care for him.

The Nelsons were moved with compassion and went every day to the hospital, not only to feed and care for this discarded baby boy, but to give him love he had never known.

JP began to come alive! After two weeks he was released into their care and five months later, became their son!

God had a plan for him since the beginning of time – JP would live and not die!  He would disprove all doctors.

Today, Jean-Pierre is completely healed!  He is a brilliant, well-rounded, active young man with a bright future.  His dance troupe, Invasion,  is now seen on YouTube throughout the world.   (Check out videos under Our Mission).   He is making a difference – in Haiti and the nations beyond.

JP is living proof that God did not abandon him, even when it looked like there was no hope!

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