The entrance of God's Word gives LIGHT...

Psalm 119:130

God is using Light Ministries to break the curse on this land and rebuild Haiti into a nation full of His glory.
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Rebuilding Updates
The Nelsons and the people of Haiti still face challenges every day since the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2021. Watch for updates here and on Facebook.
Our Founders
Terry and Cary Nelson have been in the ministry since 1980. They incorporated LIGHT MINISTRIES, an outreach based on and guided by the Word of God.

Without compromise, they have preached the Word of God in several countries, but their first love is HAITI, where they have served for nearly 40 years.

Terry and Cary adopted three sons from Haiti: Andy, Aaron and Jean-Pierre, now grown.
INVASION: City on Our Knees
This is part of a series of videos highlighting the victories of Light Ministries in establishing and rebuilding the Kingdom of God in Haiti.
Haiti Relief Efforts

The Time to Act Is Now...

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