February 28, 2013 Haiti

Attached is our latest newsletter. Be blessed!

February-March 2013

Dear Family,

It’s a season of change before Spring comes. It’s a time for dying to self and a preparation for a new day dawning! It’s a season of transfer from death to life, a time for the promised transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous. It’s a season to exchange carnality for holiness, sickness for health, corruption for transparency!

God is having His way, however painful it is. We will come out on top and be prepared for the greatest demonstration of His power and blessing the world has ever seen. Sometimes, to pull up, get up and step out with Him seems like a dream, but what have you been preparing for all these years? And how will you respond to His command? ‘Yes, Sir, whatever You want.’

God has been showing Himself totally capable of perfecting the work He started. Just when you think you CAN’T, God says you CAN!

Now is the time to rise up and press forward and break through your walls of complacency, shame, doubt and laziness, to rise and do what you know you must. The Holy Spirit has been teaching you for this day! NOW is the time to pass the test and graduate to the next level! It is time to become a true child of God, unhindered and unencumbered by the lies and stench of this plastic world of emptiness.

Last week, 20 young people from Illumination, our drama team, were getting ready to practice. The lights were out and suddenly two bright lights came together and a huge angel appeared for all to see. As they looked with awe, describing to each other the size of his appearance, they were never to doubt again the reality that God is ever present and powerful! They began to worship and thank Him for that moment of opening their eyes to see the Angel of His Presence.

As we enter this month of Easter and focus on His resurrection, let’s open our eyes to see His presence and power around us and obey His instructions. Just as the stone was rolled away at the tomb, let us break free from old traditions and come out of our tomb to rise to be what He has created us to be. Let there be no delay, no excuse, no regrets; NOW is that time!

Thank you so much for putting your hands together with us in Haiti. May you experience the Angel of His presence right where you are! May the windows of heaven open over you and His blessings overtake you!

Have a wonderful Easter season!

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

January 18, 2013 Haiti

Attached is our first newsletter of 2013.  Thanks for standing with us.  God is moving!


January 2013

Dear Family,

Happy New Year!  We thank God for a new year of promise and blessing that is coming our way!

Last year was one of struggle and turmoil as we pushed through to maintain what is established.  It seems as if everyone was hanging on for a breakthrough.

We prayed in 2012 that everything that was hidden would be exposed.  Throughout the year, we saw many hidden things come to the surface.  Judgmental spirits were exposed and those found judging were suddenly exposed for sin in their own lives.  Deceit, lies and corruption were exposed in those we would never believe had such evil hearts.   Religious spirits came to the surface and the ugliness of the flesh was on display for all to see.  Sexual promiscuity was exposed.  It seems everything ungodly in the lives of our people was exposed.   It was quite a year…  Many were set free from their past, but many are still under God’s microscope!

We thank God that we have the Holy Spirit living inside and keeping us on His narrow path.  Many times we are misjudged for decisions we make.  When judged, we first judge ourselves, then ask the Holy Spirit to judge us.  He often has us doing things that don’t make sense to our heads, but when we know we have heard from Him and obey Him, the results speak for themselves!

We believe 2013 will bring much breakthrough in every area of our lives.  We expect big changes in world governments.  Watch for a new reign of righteousness.  It’s time for the Kingdom of God to move forward and take its place.  “…and the government shall be upon HIS shoulder.”  The kingdoms of this world are crumbling.

Watch for world revival at a magnitude none has seen before.  Old methods are useless for this new move of the Spirit about to sweep the world with His demonstration and power.  Our people have been in preparation for several years for this day!

For us, this year will bring much expansion in Haiti, the beginnings of a visual new Haiti!  The plans are being put in place.  Everything here is so laborious…  Things are ‘backward’ so it takes so much time to get every little thing done.

We will soon finish paperwork and deeds for surrounding land on the mountain, then begin actual building of City of Light.  People using the land are being re-located.

Church of Light will be extended to the adjacent property.  Architectural plans are being worked on to finish the remodeling and expansion of the existing building that survived the earthquake.  Temporary housing is being dismantled to make room for expansion.

Twenty-six departments within the church are being developed so we can work together effectively from a solid foundation.  This, too, is a lengthy process.  Workers are plentiful, but the leaders who will be respected are few.

Out of the church, small businesses will be launched to meet the unique needs of our community.

We are preparing to start a music school for the people of the church.  There is much interest, but no opportunity in our area for such training.  We have a Maestro waiting until we have the facility and instruments to begin such a school.   If you have instruments you are not using, please consider sending them our way.  We will put them to use in the Kingdom!

This will be a year of extra travel for us.  We have ongoing invitations to many countries but have been unable to leave our post in Carrefour.  Many ministries, worldwide, are crying for the gifts God has given us.  We want to go, but we must have the extra staffing and finances to keep the work in Haiti going.

God told us many years ago that we would step foot on every continent.  As you know, we have traveled extensively in the past.  Europe,  Asia, Africa and other islands in the Caribbean are now calling.  We must obey the call.  This is the year to expand the work in Haiti and, at the same time, expand internationally.   This would be overwhelming, except we know we have heard from God.  When He guides, He provides!

We are so grateful to Pastors Rodolpho and Sherly Merentie who have stepped up to the pulpit in our absence and done a good job.  On November 30, they welcomed their first child, Melody, so they are experiencing parenting as well.  Continue to pray for them.  They are young in ministry and need to know you stand with them.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.  Thank you for trusting us to be your hands and feet, your eyes and ears to accomplish God’s plan for Haiti.  Remember, we are only two people doing the work of 20.  It’s not always possible to care for the needs of the people here as well as those at home.  We are so grateful that you understand that we appreciate you, even when we are unable to say so.  That means so much to us.  Frankly, we don’t know of two other people in the world who have accomplished what we have in a country where everything is so difficult and still hold fast to the vision God gave us 30 years ago.

We pray you won’t let down your guard in praying for us.  We need health, life and strength.  We are not 30 years old anymore!  Sometimes, we get tired!  God’s Word says we must not get weary in well-doing, for in due season we will reap if we don’t faint.  When you don’t know how to pray, pray in the Spirit; then you are praying God’s perfect will for us and we won’t get side-tracked.

We love you and pray that 2013 will be your most prosperous one in every way!

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

January 12, 2013 Haiti

Three years ago today, the devastating earthquake hit our area of Carrefour, Haiti with a vengeance.  Today is a day to remember.  Streets are empty; believers are fasting and praying for a NEW Haiti.  Some progress is going on, but all too slowly.

For us personally, we are seeing a growing church rise up and move forward.  Spiritually, we have experienced a great harvest of souls since that day.   Nearly every day, we are seeing Haitians born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed and delivered from demons and growing in their relationship with God.

We believe 2013 will prove to be the year God’s people rise up, put their hands together, as they did immediately after the earthquake, and begin to actually see Carrefour rebuilt.  Plans are in place.  Our biggest need as always is to see leaders emerge to get the job done.  Outsiders have done their part; now, it’s time for Haitians to take pride in rebuilding a NEW HAITI.

A look back…

                2/13/10                Rebuilding Haiti   http://youtu.be/gVODYCIhK_g

                3/29/10                Dr. Gary Beesley on location Part 1   http://youtu.be/Zkj2XTMJlek

                3/30/10                Dr. Gary Beesley on location Part 2   http://youtu.be/WbdY_mKmj6k

                3/30/10                Dr. Gary Beesley on location Part 3   http://youtu.be/EOAWIo9RNmA

                3/30/10                Dr. Gary Beesley on location Part 4   http://youtu.be/9VjskgPp6IE

                3/30/10                Dr. Gary Beesley on location Part 5   http://youtu.be/UWGL_IdnQnY

                12/27/10              Beauty will rise!  http://youtu.be/-R83k7BuWwU

                1/24/11                City on our Knees   http://youtu.be/VuZIYkQWQXA

and determination to rise up and stand strong to see progress…

                1/1/13                   We’re Gonna Make It    http://youtu.be/fX-9cVgbJmk

Thanks for standing with us.  It has not been easy.  We have never really fully recovered.   We appreciate your prayers and support as we relive this horrible event in Haiti’s history and continue to give all that we are to the Haitian people.


Update September 4, 2012 Haiti

Here’s the latest from Carrefour…  Thanks for standing with us.  We need you!


August-September 2012

Dear Family,

It’s hard to believe the summer is ended! Hopefully, it allowed you time to reflect on the goodness of God and to prepare for a new day that’s dawning!  

As the world suffers in desperate need and uncertainty, God is preparing an army of men, women and children who will be ready for harvest and blessing to come.  In dryness, we are drawn closer to Him and find our true relationship with Him, realizing who we would be without Him.

We all have had opportunity to fail, but remember ‘for us to fail is for God to fail’ and He never fails!  So, hang tough and rest in Him.  You are not forgotten, only being tested for a great future…to be a ‘praise’ in the earth!  

Church of Light is strong spiritually!  Great love and unity have brought the people to care for each other. New converts classes are full of hungry new believers with open hearts to learn God’s Word and serve Him! 

In July, Cary produced another beautiful, anointed wedding that honored God. Peterson and Nathalie were saved in our church and wanted to exchange their marriage vows soon after their conversion.  In a country where few understand God’s plan for marriage, those attending learned much and experienced the presence of God like they had never felt before! 

The last week of August left countless people homeless after Hurricane Isaac ripped through Haiti.  Our church and house were again untouched, but those under tin roofs and walls of tarp didn’t fare so well.  Many watched as the waters rose and swept the last of what they had accumulated since the earthquake out to sea.  Church members helped each other and shared what little they had.  The young men from Invasion helped to dig out, repair and rebuild some of the older members’ homes.

Truthfully, this kind of devastation is draining all of us and, without adequate financial backing, it is emotionally draining to not be able to help those who are in desperate need. Our contributions were 80% less this summer.  We have plenty of manpower, but lack money for materials and food.  Our greatest need today is to help repair some of their little shacks and find dry ground to re-settle others.    

We are very aware that many of you also have great need… We pray for the sustaining power of God to bring to you your miracle now!  We know we are in the path of a financial breakthrough.  You need it, Haiti needs it; the whole world needs it.  It’s time! 

We are so grateful for your prayers and sacrificial giving this month to see us through yet another emergency situation.

On the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

June 21, 2012 Haiti

God is still on the throne! He continues to prove Himself strong! Here is our June-July newsletter. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.


June-July 2012

Dear Family,

We are having a wonderful summer watching the Kingdom of God grow here! The church is becoming stronger and stronger!

Last Sunday, the Holy Spirit began to minister to the people and set Rodolpho and Sherly Merentie in the office of Associate Pastors. The people cheered and clapped as they saw the hand of God on them. How they love this couple! When they returned last year from Bible School in Singapore, they immediately stepped in to assist us. They have faithfully filled the pulpit when we’ve been out of the country and have a remarkable commitment to God and to our people. We are thrilled at what God has done!

We recently had a team with us from Menonomie, Wisconsin. What a blessing they were to us as they restored the roofs of the temporary ‘classrooms’ for new believers outside our house, ministered door-to-door and on the street with our outreach team, cleaned the medical storage depot, joined us for services at Church of Light and fellowshipped with us in our home.

Pastor Paul Carlson headed up this team from Liberty Christian Center. Pastor Paul was with us from the first minute of Light Ministries! He came to Haiti with us in 1982 and was the first full-time teacher at our early Bible School, Light Training Center, in Carrefour. He and his wife, Dana, left Haiti 25 years ago and this was a ‘reunion’ trip for him! Here are some highlights of what they experienced during their stay in Haiti:

Pastor Paul: For me it was a mind-blower after 25 years to come back here and see what’s going on with Light Ministries and the Haitian people.

A word that comes to me right away is perseverance. Let’s be real, Haiti has never been an easy country to live in. There are unique challenges that a person faces on a daily basis that you can’t even explain unless you’re here. Beyond all the chaos, political turmoil, this country has essentially been through a war. They face things that many of our soldiers would face, and have had to deal with the trauma of seeing countless people injured, killed, and their world turned upside down.

Despite all that, there is no question in the progress that I’ve seen. From the people that work with them, to the church, church services, this is definitely a light in a dark place. People’s lives are being transformed.

I’d encourage everybody to pray for what God is doing through Terry and Cary in the ministry. The best is yet to come!

Shara: What I’ve learned is that I’m not going to take things for granted. Back home you can just run to the store to get just about anything, but here you don’t have that convenience. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all the volunteers here. It’s amazing how well they all work together to get things done and I will miss them a lot.

Katy: It’s great to see how joyous the people are here. The people here are very hospitable and welcoming. Back home, people aren’t nearly as inviting. At church people praise God in such a great way! Also, there is a little boy named Sammy, and it was really cute to see how he attaches himself to Pastor and Madame Terry. All these young guys call Madame Terry ‘Mom’, and it’s great to see that she is really stepping into the role.

Klarissa: I’m in awe of how passionate the people of the church are, and how they flow in the Spirit so freely. It really inspires me. At first the kids were really shy, but last night they made an effort to find us and they hugged us and held on to us! It was great to see them open up to us like that.

Kara: One thing that has really inspired me on this trip is the church and how joyous and open and fun it is here…from the worship, to how expressive they are. People are so open to praying in tongues here and moving in the Spirit, and it’s really inspiring to me. I’m very thankful for all the delicious food, hospitality, air conditioning, showers! It has been awesome and I didn’t know what to expect coming on this trip. God knows what we can handle! It was really fun to get to know a lot of new people, and even more fun to get to know the people in this mission group on a deeper level. We’ve bonded in a way I didn’t know was possible.

Jamey: What the people have to deal with in getting themselves to the church is extremely impressive to see the over 700 people in the services make their way to church. They are either walking or riding a tap-tap to get there! It’s so easy for us to complain to even get there in our own car. My first impression driving from the airport was how many people are constantly everywhere. The fields are ripe for harvest!

Neil: The people here are very friendly from the minute you meet them. My first impressions from the airport were complete devastation. It’s amazing to still see them happy and friendly. I really enjoyed working with the younger guys. These people are intelligent! I really enjoyed teaching some of the younger guys how to use some of the tools. They were eager to participate. All the way from the beginning church service, to ministering at the end, people were receptive, friendly and joyful.

Jon: I’d say the biggest thing is, the difference in the people inside the church and those outside. You can tell that what Pastor Terry and Madame Terry are doing here is real. The guys that we have been working and hanging out with have a complete boldness and confidence about them. The way they hold themselves and the way they speak to other Haitians, you can tell that there has been a real change in them.

Kyle: I’d have to say that, despite the circumstances and the differences in culture, the people here are not all that different from us. From being in the market seeing that the ladies were camera-shy, from the brothers here all picking on each other and hanging out, I’ve learned that it’s not that hard to relate to the people here. It makes it a lot easier when you are all coming together and worshiping the same God! Something else that really stuck out is that I will leave with a greater appreciation of the little things that I don’t realize (roads without potholes, clean streets and green grass). It’ll help me appreciate all the things that we take for granted.

Aaron: I just have to say that when you look around and see all the rubble and chaos, it’s really eye opening to see some people in shacks, and sacks that contain all their possessions. We take things for granted in America with all our stuff. It’s great to see these people who will do whatever they have to do to survive. The pastors here are helping spread light into those survivors. It’s really difficult to function when you don’t understand the language, so the translators have been an enormous blessing.

Mitchell: It’s really impressive to see how much the pastors have given up to obey God in being here. There is a level of convenience in the States that we take for granted and, coming here, I have been made aware of that. The seed they have sown has spread, and that’s obvious in going out and ministering how people know Light Ministries by name.

Steven: It’s been really great to get to know the people here in Haiti. I’ve experienced something here and formed relationships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have a great respect for Pastor Terry and Cary and how much they really do care about the people of Haiti. Being able to play with the worship team was an opportunity that I will never forget. The Holy Spirit is not affected by the language barrier, and it was great to see that the flow of the Spirit wasn’t interrupted by that. I love all the people here like brothers and sisters, and will miss them greatly.

Along with all the victories, come challenges from the enemy. We are in a battle now! We’ve been through scandal, extortion and every evil work in the past. The devil has no new tactics… He knows his day is coming. We know the greater the battle, the greater the victory! The Holy Spirit has already assured us that WE WIN! Please pray for us for wisdom to reverse the plan of the enemy.

This week, we are privileged to have Alex Papsch, a young man from Austria, join us in Haiti. He is a documentary film producer and had won several awards for his outstanding work. He wants to film Haiti since the earthquake, through the eyes of our guys in Invasion. It should be an exciting month for us as we travel throughout the country, walking out the land and claiming it for Jesus! Invasion’s YouTube entries are growing daily. We are in 69% of the world now! If you haven’t seen them, here are the links again:

City on our Knees http://youtu.be/VuZIYkQWQXA
Break Open the Sky http://youtu.be/Dfabs9u_CDc
Something Bigger http://youtu.be/SJ8j2sWDm1g
Shackles http://youtu.be/sHSxOLm8wV0

Thank you for your prayers and financial giving during these difficult summer months. Thank you for allowing us to represent you on the field… We take that very seriously.

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

June 8, 2012 Haiti

June 8, 2012 Haiti

Just a quick note to let you know INVASION has another YouTube entry, Shackles by Mary Mary…  This morning it had 66 hits already and we didn’t even say anything.  There is another one coming very soon.  Watch for it.

INVASION has continued to amaze us. 

City on our Knees  http://youtu.be/VuZIYkQWQXA is nearly at 23,000 hits;

Break Open the Sky http://youtu.be/Dfabs9u_CDc  is over 6,600;

Something Bigger  http://youtu.be/SJ8j2sWDm1g is over 3,700 and now

Shackles http://youtu.be/sHSxOLm8wV0  is growing by the minute… 

God is up to something.  We are now in 69% of the world!  INVASION is becoming known in so many countries and continue to open doors for Haiti just as God said!   We are blessed.  Watch for other YouTube entries from other events at Church of Light, Carrefour, Haiti!  It is a very laborious thing to get these done here…

There is so much happening this month.  I will do my best to keep you posted.


May 9, 2012 Haiti

I’m sharing a Word of Prophecy received this morning from Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion Ministries.  This is what we have been waiting to hear…  It’s time to move forward and build God’s Kingdom!  I know you will be encouraged. 

A Day of Cutting Loose and Moving Forward! 

“This is the day of cutting loose. This is the day of shearing the strings that have held you to the last seasons of captivity. This is the day of movement! A movement has now begun. Move with Me! A new move has come into the earth realm and I am rearranging many structures to create My order for the days ahead. I am calling a people who were not, to rise and move with Me.

This is the day to shear away what has clouded your vision so that new vision can come. This is a time that I am cutting loose the strings that have held captive wealth for your future. Watch as your Queen of Sheba comes, finds you, and gives into your future. There will be movement of wealth in the earth. Sheba has begun to move. Ethiopia is beginning to shift. This is a time that My temple will be built.

“You have dwelt too long in the past. This is the hour and season when I am crowning you with victory. Many nations have stationed themselves at ground zero. This is a time for nations of the world to ascend and open their doors for My Kingdom entry. This is the hour when I am crowning you with the sound of victory and power. In this hour you cannot go back. You cannot go back!

“I am taking the pillows and the couches of ease out of the Church – whether it be Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand – wherever on the earth it is. I am going to discomfort the ease with which My Church has sat and done what they wanted to, and not what I wanted done. Today is the day I will stand in My pulpit and release My Word and not yours.

“I Am Loosing Your Wealth”

“So know that I have cut you loose and the strings have been severed. You can now move forward and meet what you have waiting to come to you; you can now reach the intersection point of your future. Know I am loosing your wealth. I am setting you free. I am delivering a people and they will meet Me and enter into their future.

“Hear the sound of the wind in the mulberry trees. You will come from behind, catch up and gain victory over your enemy. I am extending your territory. I am giving you new authority. You will face enemies that you have faced, but never triumphed over! Face these enemies of your soul and watch Me blow in your new direction of victory. I am putting the reins of the enemy in your hand. Do not be afraid to set the direction rather than the enemy who has been directing you.

“I am overturning the tables in My Temple. I am overturning the tables where My people have communed, and bringing them to a new place of feasting. They have grown weak from the spread of poverty that they have eaten from. I am overturning the food that has produced infirmity. I am setting a table for healing and wholeness.”


May 7, 2012 Haiti

Attached is our May update.  It’s been a crazy Spring so far, but we continue to run the good race…

May 2012

Dear Family,

Greetings from the Frontlines!  We are still fighting the good fight of faith and daily expecting a huge breakthrough to be able to finish the work we have begun!

Our time in Haiti is filled with preparation for a new nation. Many hearts and lives are being transformed as we give ourselves totally to Him.  Everything that has been hidden is now being exposed too! 

Last month we had a ‘talent search’ in the church.  We found dancers, singers, models, actors and actresses who were sitting with talents, virtually unknown.  It was wonderful!  We had a panel of judges and the congregation cast their votes each week for their favorite act.  Finally, it was narrowed down to three finalists: Two singers, 1 male, 1 female, and a group of  3 models, presenting unique drama while modeling.

People were so blessed with this talent event and it brought great unity to the church.  Those who began in competition found each other and have become friends! At the Finale, we presented the three finalists with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place trophies, which were a complete surprise to everyone.  The models, “God’s Gift”, won by a landslide.  They were as good as New York or Paris models!  People are still talking about the contest and many new people have come to the church as they see the quality of the gifts God has here.

In the past three months, over 100 people have been saved and added to the church.  Easter was another celebration of salvation and great joy!  It’s so exciting to see our church rejoice as they realize He IS alive today!   

The time of financial struggle has increased as many of our supporters have lost jobs and churches are struggling while their sources have seemingly dried up, but we know that God sees everything and only He can open new sources to do greater things He is requiring in these last days. 

Light Ministries’ support in 2011 decreased by 70%.  It’s hard to make progress with these numbers.  It is remarkable to see the Haitians God has given us pull together to keep the church functioning, sacrificing everything to buy fuel to power the generators for electricity.

We prefer not to focus on lack, but believe His promises to supernaturally provide for us.  We watch the words of our mouths to bless and thank Him for what He continually does for us. Everyone thinks and says that we, as foreigners, are rich.  They just keep ‘prophecying’ that and we agree in the Spirit.  We are fully expecting the fulfillment of their words!

We were recently encouraged again by Ephesians 3:20-21:

The Message Bible’s version says:  God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, His Spirit deeply and gently within us.  God can do anything. And what’s more, our mighty King has outstanding plans for each and every one of us, plans that are more wonderful and sure than we could “ever imagine or guess or request”!

1 Corinthians 2:9 says “No man has ever seen, heard or even imagined the wonderful things God has in store for those who love the Lord.”

Even when you are facing great hardship, you can be encouraged by His Word!  No matter what trial you are experiencing in your health, finances, marriage, children or with your loved ones, God has unimaginably great blessings in store for you as you simply turn to Him and His living Word.

God desires to take you to new levels of victory in every area of your life. He wants to give you more of His wisdom so you can make better decisions (James 1:5). He longs to give you a stronger anointing so you can have greater influence for the Kingdom (Psalm 92:10). God also wants to bless you financially so you can be a blessing to others (2 Corinthians 9:6-8).

In these difficult times, we cannot afford to let fear and unbelief into our lives.  We must submit to the God of Peace, resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:7). We must stand on His promises and begin to act accordingly, rejoicing and giving thanks that our Father is certainly doing “exceedingly more” than we can even imagine. We must focus our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, far above our circumstances and situations.  That is how we will see the glory of God fill the entire earth!

We must spend time in His presence.  There is so much more to life in Christ than we can ever imagine! In His Presence we find encouragement and lasting joy (Psalm 16:11).

We love and thank God for each of you who pray and stand with us financially during these difficult days.  We don’t take that lightly.  God’s Word declares that those who bless the poor will never lack.  Let’s take His promise to heart and see the fulfillment of it! 

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary



January 18, 2012 Haiti


January 18, 2012 Haiti

I didn’t forget about you… It’s been a crazy two months and it’s about to get busier! 

When you don’t hear, pray!  With internet problems, desperate people problems and just not enough money nor hours in the day, it’s difficult to keep up with everyone.  Things are still moving forward and we couldn’t be happier with our people!  The Holidays were special with them.  They are really growing up!   We are all ready for a new year.  2011 was difficult for all of us. 

Thanks for your continued support.  Thanks for using PayPal.  It’s such an encouragement! 

Attached is the latest newsletter.  Be blessed!


January 2012

Dear Family, 

It is an amazing time to be alive!

We had a powerful time of intercession and prophecy at Church of Light over the weekend of New Year’s with Mary-Alice and John Isleib, a sister-brother team with Apostolic and Prophetic anointing!  They and their team were so well received by our people.  It was a time of victory for the church!  Many things were confirmed in the Spirit that God has shared with us for many years.  This was a time of renewed commitment to prayer and warfare in the Spirit.  Such a good time!

This New Year promises to be one of new revelation, restoration and blessing, a year to continue to press forward in fulfilling a vision from God for a new Haiti.  God will begin to answer prayer and fulfill prophetic words much more quickly. God told us that we would see things happen in five months what has taken five years in the past to accomplish.  In the next ten years, we will see more happen than has happened in the nearly 30 years we have been in this country.  We are ready for that

Although the memory of 2011 with its difficulties and disappointments still try to weigh us down, we press forward to see God’s purpose to purify us and to expose the hidden things of darkness so His light can shine.  We have had to continually walk in forgiveness so not to block our own walk with God. 

It has been a slow process to build and rebuild what is required.  We have never lost sight of the vision He put in our hearts many years ago.  It’s difficult to see things continue to move forward when we are dealing with poor economic times, corrupt businesses and government and the prideful heart of man, but we know God is continuing to clean up His Bride, making way for the Groom to receive her, spotless and pure.

There were days that we didn’t know how we could hang on anymore, but His Spirit continued to push us to a future that He sees clearly and showed us what we must still obtain.  How could we ignore injustice, hunger, death and homelessness?  We could see the devil was lying, cheating and stealing but had to keep quiet and allow God to expose the hidden things of darkness and He did!  The hearts of men were exposed.  Shocking as it was, we judged ourselves, allowed God to have His way and He continued to encourage and honor us. 

At every service, we see God’s compelling power to deliver and save.  Weekly, new converts are added to the church to be trained in the Kingdom of God, learning to walk in the authority and power of His Spirit.

January 12 marked the two-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and with little physical changes seen here, we know the Church has been in training to rise up to take a nation for Jesus.  Our world is changing and revival is coming to wake up the dead and shake the world with such a power that no one will deny who Jesus is and what He came to do!  It is time for the church to shake the dust off their feet and rise up to march in unison with the King of Kings!  We are waging war in the heavenlies!  Victory is ours if we don’t get discouraged, if we don’t quit!

Change is imminent!  Purpose in destiny and restoration is upon us.  We must advance!  We have been planning and are ready for blessing.  We believe God is restoring all that was lost for greater purpose and glory.  Promotions, repayment, and blessings are now being released from Heaven. God is about to repay us for losses of our past.  

We believe this year we are going to be able to use medical discoveries and cures we have known about for several years as well as new medical breakthroughs.  We are already seeing new inventions and business strategies released from God and He is partnering us with businessmen and women whose main goal is to release finances for Kingdom projects. 

 God has given us the key to developing Haiti, one city at a time.  Now is the time to implement it.  We must continually look to Him for new plans, so we don’t waste time or money.  He constantly tells us, “Forget the former things…I am doing a NEW thing…” This is a year of preparation for greater things to happen in the coming years.

We will be doing a lot of building this year in Carrefour so Haitians can see what is in God’s heart for them.  It is through strategic building of neighborhoods and businesses, both economically and spiritually, that we will reach the city and region for Him!  We will see many turnarounds!  We know the wait will be worth it because we will be able to build bigger and better because we have His mind.

It will be an exciting, though challenging year.  We must keep our eyes focused on God’s purposes for our lives. We must hear His voice clearly.  We must focus on Him only and listen for His solutions for everything we encounter.   Confirmations are evident in the testimonies of how  He supplies for His people during these troubled days. 

Many of you have also been through untold pressure… Please don’t give up as He is about to push you to the front of the line to be used for His service.  Don’t withdraw, looking inward; look to Him and let Him break you and conform you to His perfect will.   Cast all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. 

Believe, receive and give to the end.  God’s biggest days are ahead for you.  This is 2012, a year of promise, a year to ride the glory wave to the next level in Him!  

Don’t look back, look ahead to your crown, your prize.  Don’t become weary in well-doing.  He will sustain you.

Be strong and of good courage and see who you are in Him.

Let’s stand together for a new Haiti, free of corruption, lies and greed.  Let’s believe in what God has promised and rebuild a nation, washed in the blood of Jesus!

Thank you so much for standing with us for so long, often sacrificially, to make a difference in this nation.  May His biggest blessings be yours now, with honor! 

Love from the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

P.S.      Thanks for encouraging Invasion on YouTube!  We hope to add other outreach groups from our church soon.  We have now been seen in 117 countries (59%) of the world!  Once again, here are the links for three of their many dances:

City on our Knees            http://youtu.be/VuZIYkQWQXA

Break Open the Sky        http://youtu.be/Dfabs9u_CDc  

Something Bigger            http://youtu.be/SJ8j2sWDm1g

November 7, 2011 Haiti

Attached is the latest newsletter…Enjoy!

November 2011

Dear Family,

As the season changes, we see even more new converts in the church!  They are excited to experience the power of God in their lives, bringing them into a deeper spiritual level with Him, their new Source of everything! 

Milend, a 21-year old woman, came to the service Sunday morning and was powerfully touched by the presence of God.  She gave her heart to Jesus and came to the New Believers class on Sunday night.  After the class, she told Pastor Terry she wouldn’t go home unless someone would go to her house with her to get rid of all her voodoo stuff, so we went, along with some of our leaders. 

When we began to pray for her, it was very apparent that the voodoo things were attachments in her life, so we immediately burned all the artifacts and prayed through her home.  As we prayed, demons threw her to the ground and her head literally bounced off the corner of a cement block.  When she got up, there was no bump, no blood and she was completely free from all demonic influence in her life.  Today, she comes to church with many from her neighborhood who are hearing the Gospel and seeing the power of God for the first time in their lives! 

Every week, many are transformed by the power of the Gospel, not only to save, but also to deliver from all bondage.  Some pastors in our area are now coming to our mid-week services, hearing what God is doing and hungering to see how they can experience that in their neighborhoods.  In our services, they are being taught by demonstration and their theology is being put to the test whether it is of God or men!  God is constantly opening new doors in our community to show Himself strong!

The church is taking on a new image as we prepare the people’s hearts and minds for a new Haiti!  The mindset is changing, gradually, that God is their Source and they must believe for the bigger things to come from God, and not from us.

Changes in government are coming to our city of Carrefour.  New mayors will be elected in the near future.  Pray for a righteous man to take his place in our city so we can continue to see God move here.  In the past, fighting government has been our #1 problem to progress because of greed and corruption.  The Mayor now in place is known as someone who has not misused his power, money or authority.  We have been able to progress with him in charge, and he has given us the key to the City!  We need this favor to continue to rebuild, so we can do what is right without wasting time fighting City Hall. 

In the national government, the old parliament is still in control, so even the new Prime Minister cannot do much because of the old regime in charge.  What we do, however, does not involve this government, but rather private funding for ministry among the people.  We want to be an example to the country of what Christians can produce, using Kingdom principles. 

We are meeting with engineers and architects, planning for a total re-make of Carrefour, including our church, housing, businesses and the mountain community. We are trusting God for great things and miracles to take place, both in finances and personnel, to get the job done with excellence.  Drawings will be completed this month so our people can see what is about to happen.  We believe 2012 to be the year we see our work of these nearly 30 years come to fruition! 

Christmas is just around the corner.  We are planning our Christmas outreach programs at the church.  We will continue to feed the hungry and those still displaced by the earthquake.  We still have over one million people living in tents in our City.  Many children still have not been able to return to school, so we will focus on school scholarships (up to $800 USD per student per year – entrance fee, books, uniforms, tuition, programs – very expensive for those who have nothing). 

Please consider an extra gift this season for food or schooling and mark it accordingly.  Thank you for your involvement in the past, which allowed us to reach many families who otherwise would have died.  

We are so grateful for your continued support of Light Ministries.  Expenses have increased and costs have nearly doubled again.  Without your continued monthly support, we would be forced to close our doors and leave Haiti.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

From the frontlines,

Terry and Cary 

P.S.  Invasion’s influence continues to grow every day.  Through YouTube, today we are on every continent, in 99 countries of the world and in every state in the U.S.  City on our Knees is now over 10,000 views and continues to climb in numbers throughout each day.   We’re getting ready to travel with them…  That will be an eye-opener!

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