January 18, 2012 Haiti


January 18, 2012 Haiti

I didn’t forget about you… It’s been a crazy two months and it’s about to get busier! 

When you don’t hear, pray!  With internet problems, desperate people problems and just not enough money nor hours in the day, it’s difficult to keep up with everyone.  Things are still moving forward and we couldn’t be happier with our people!  The Holidays were special with them.  They are really growing up!   We are all ready for a new year.  2011 was difficult for all of us. 

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Attached is the latest newsletter.  Be blessed!


January 2012

Dear Family, 

It is an amazing time to be alive!

We had a powerful time of intercession and prophecy at Church of Light over the weekend of New Year’s with Mary-Alice and John Isleib, a sister-brother team with Apostolic and Prophetic anointing!  They and their team were so well received by our people.  It was a time of victory for the church!  Many things were confirmed in the Spirit that God has shared with us for many years.  This was a time of renewed commitment to prayer and warfare in the Spirit.  Such a good time!

This New Year promises to be one of new revelation, restoration and blessing, a year to continue to press forward in fulfilling a vision from God for a new Haiti.  God will begin to answer prayer and fulfill prophetic words much more quickly. God told us that we would see things happen in five months what has taken five years in the past to accomplish.  In the next ten years, we will see more happen than has happened in the nearly 30 years we have been in this country.  We are ready for that

Although the memory of 2011 with its difficulties and disappointments still try to weigh us down, we press forward to see God’s purpose to purify us and to expose the hidden things of darkness so His light can shine.  We have had to continually walk in forgiveness so not to block our own walk with God. 

It has been a slow process to build and rebuild what is required.  We have never lost sight of the vision He put in our hearts many years ago.  It’s difficult to see things continue to move forward when we are dealing with poor economic times, corrupt businesses and government and the prideful heart of man, but we know God is continuing to clean up His Bride, making way for the Groom to receive her, spotless and pure.

There were days that we didn’t know how we could hang on anymore, but His Spirit continued to push us to a future that He sees clearly and showed us what we must still obtain.  How could we ignore injustice, hunger, death and homelessness?  We could see the devil was lying, cheating and stealing but had to keep quiet and allow God to expose the hidden things of darkness and He did!  The hearts of men were exposed.  Shocking as it was, we judged ourselves, allowed God to have His way and He continued to encourage and honor us. 

At every service, we see God’s compelling power to deliver and save.  Weekly, new converts are added to the church to be trained in the Kingdom of God, learning to walk in the authority and power of His Spirit.

January 12 marked the two-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and with little physical changes seen here, we know the Church has been in training to rise up to take a nation for Jesus.  Our world is changing and revival is coming to wake up the dead and shake the world with such a power that no one will deny who Jesus is and what He came to do!  It is time for the church to shake the dust off their feet and rise up to march in unison with the King of Kings!  We are waging war in the heavenlies!  Victory is ours if we don’t get discouraged, if we don’t quit!

Change is imminent!  Purpose in destiny and restoration is upon us.  We must advance!  We have been planning and are ready for blessing.  We believe God is restoring all that was lost for greater purpose and glory.  Promotions, repayment, and blessings are now being released from Heaven. God is about to repay us for losses of our past.  

We believe this year we are going to be able to use medical discoveries and cures we have known about for several years as well as new medical breakthroughs.  We are already seeing new inventions and business strategies released from God and He is partnering us with businessmen and women whose main goal is to release finances for Kingdom projects. 

 God has given us the key to developing Haiti, one city at a time.  Now is the time to implement it.  We must continually look to Him for new plans, so we don’t waste time or money.  He constantly tells us, “Forget the former things…I am doing a NEW thing…” This is a year of preparation for greater things to happen in the coming years.

We will be doing a lot of building this year in Carrefour so Haitians can see what is in God’s heart for them.  It is through strategic building of neighborhoods and businesses, both economically and spiritually, that we will reach the city and region for Him!  We will see many turnarounds!  We know the wait will be worth it because we will be able to build bigger and better because we have His mind.

It will be an exciting, though challenging year.  We must keep our eyes focused on God’s purposes for our lives. We must hear His voice clearly.  We must focus on Him only and listen for His solutions for everything we encounter.   Confirmations are evident in the testimonies of how  He supplies for His people during these troubled days. 

Many of you have also been through untold pressure… Please don’t give up as He is about to push you to the front of the line to be used for His service.  Don’t withdraw, looking inward; look to Him and let Him break you and conform you to His perfect will.   Cast all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. 

Believe, receive and give to the end.  God’s biggest days are ahead for you.  This is 2012, a year of promise, a year to ride the glory wave to the next level in Him!  

Don’t look back, look ahead to your crown, your prize.  Don’t become weary in well-doing.  He will sustain you.

Be strong and of good courage and see who you are in Him.

Let’s stand together for a new Haiti, free of corruption, lies and greed.  Let’s believe in what God has promised and rebuild a nation, washed in the blood of Jesus!

Thank you so much for standing with us for so long, often sacrificially, to make a difference in this nation.  May His biggest blessings be yours now, with honor! 

Love from the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

P.S.      Thanks for encouraging Invasion on YouTube!  We hope to add other outreach groups from our church soon.  We have now been seen in 117 countries (59%) of the world!  Once again, here are the links for three of their many dances:

City on our Knees            http://youtu.be/VuZIYkQWQXA

Break Open the Sky        http://youtu.be/Dfabs9u_CDc  

Something Bigger            http://youtu.be/SJ8j2sWDm1g

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