March 12, 2011 Haiti

Update March 12, 2011

We are in full-swing here.  On Monday, Andrew and Ruth Gurrier came from Atlanta, Georgia to lay a foundation for Fellowship of Christian Athletes to begin a vital sports ministry in Carrefour.  We have for some time tried to find a sports facility available to get the youth involved, to keep them focused and off the streets. 

The beautiful thing is the Gurriers have come as an answer to our prayers with more than sports in mind.  It is simply a vehicle to reach the masses of youth with the Gospel.  We are in the process of finding strong Haitian coaches for basketball and soccer who can also lead sportsmen and women to Christ.  

Today, we visited the Director of Carrefour stadium (who was born again after the earthquake last year) and were overjoyed to find he was praying for someone to come in and run the sports program.  He works for the government but refuses to open the door to anyone who is not a Christian.  Andrew found favor with him, and before we left, he said, ‘When do you want to start? Tomorrow?’  Andrew has been collecting uniforms, balls and equipment for some time, preparing for this day.  It looks like God, once again, has paved the way for His next impact upon our City!     

On Wednesday, Steve Conboy and his building crew came to unload the container, pour footings and begin construction of the remaining nine houses and three additional buildings for food preparation and service, laundry and bath houses. 

They discovered the land does not allow space for the full clinic as anticipated and requires we buy the adjoining piece of property in order to complete that.  Please pray!  We need approximately $100,000 to purchase that.

In the meantime, Eco Building Products builders scaled down the clinic and gave us two separate spaces for  a studio for dance and drama, along with an extra multi-purpose classroom.  We are very serious in developing these ministry teams and have lacked aspace for them to prepare.  This is our answer!   

The team worked until midnight, the past two nights,  framing one small cottage and two 12’x28’ and one 16’x32’ buildings.  They left early this morning to return to California but will send another team soon to finish the detail on the project.  Hopefully, within six weeks, this ‘mini model’ village will be completely done!   

Pray for elections on March 20.  As you know, these are typically days of unrest.  We are praying for fair elections, where every vote is counted.  Let’s pray that this is the first election in Haiti that truly means something! 

Pray for the church to stay strong during these uncertain days.   People are becoming impatient and losing hope with the slow progress of rebuilding.  It’s difficult; sometimes we wonder how long could we live in a tent and be happy…  Camping is one thing, living in a little tent for over a year with rains coming is exasperating!

He’s the God of this City!  We rejoice even when days are hard.


Search Light Ministries Inc