February 17, 2011 Haiti

Update February 17, 2011

Thank you so much for your support! 

We have been so blessed with the positive feedback on “City on our Knees” video that Invasion put on YouTube.  Thank you so much for sharing it with friends on Facebook and in person…

City on our Knees” Light Ministries Invasion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuZIYkQWQXA

The guys in Invasion (as well as those in our church who don’t even know much about a computer) are so amazed to watch the numbers grow daily.  There are over 1500 views so far and climbing each day!  Yes, JP, our son, is the big guy in the center, for those of you who haven’t seen him since he was really young!

God is doing something so wonderful with our youth and it’s a joy for Terry and me to work with them, encouraging, instructing and sometimes correcting them, too.  We know that this is the generation that will change the face of the nation of Haiti.  Many opportunities are open to travel with the dance and drama teams, because of their fire for God!  Continue to pray for them that they remain pure!

Attached is the latest newsletter.  Please continue to pray for us, for strength, for clarity in the Spirit, and for finances to keep this ever-growing ministry going.  We can’t do it without you and we are so grateful that you are on our team!


February-March 2011

Dear Family,

God is preparing His servants to be flames of fire as they fearlessly serve Him!  This last month at Church of Light in Carrefour, we have seen a strong move of holiness and purification to be ready for what God is about to do in Haiti.

As we go deeper into God, the actions of the flesh are no longer acceptable or even desirable.  Every service finds people still filling the church to be saved and challenged.  We are being prepared for a real move of God in our nation.  Over 100 people monthly are coming to Christ.  The responsibility is great to disciple and care for so many new converts!

Three of our leaders, Rodolpho and Sherly Merentie and Olrich Corriolan just left for Singapore School of Theology at City Harvest Church on a full-scholarship for six months.  They are already talking about coming back, full of the Word and led by the Spirit of God, to help with a new Haiti.  We believe the timing is perfect to be well equipped to bring advanced spiritual training to our people. 

As for those of us here, we continue to plan for transformation of our city of Carrefour by building 10 villages of 100 houses each with eco building products.  We then can relocate those who are still living in tents and, at the same time, give job training in construction to hundreds of our members.  We are currently working with our Mayor to find land so we can rebuild our city, block by block. 

We are currently negotiating with several companies but are in the process of building our “mini model village” next to the church with Eco Building Products.  This is a company based in San Diego, CA that has built over 160,000 houses and is going worldwide with distributing eco-friendly wood.  This product is fireproof, termite-proof, mold and mildew-proof and first quality wood, which is nearly impossible to find in Haiti.  Soon this little village will be up next to the church and people will begin to see what a new Haiti can look like.  We will finish the nine small houses, along with facilities for toilets, bathrooms, laundry, cooking and eating, out-patient and pediatric clinics, all in a beautiful surrounding that is professionally landscaped!

Wood is a product that has not been used in the past in Haiti due to the cost and generations of building with cement.  However, now everything is moving toward construction similar to that used in the States for housing.  Cement roof construction is no longer going to be acceptable in Haiti because of the potential crumbling as seen during the earthquake. 

JP’s dance group, Invasion, will be traveling and representing Haiti, teamed up with this company soon.  Churches and concert venues are being set up as we write.  Please pray for passports and visas for each of these nine young men to be able to travel with us in the coming months.  This is a great challenge for us!  They must learn English, travel and social graces, along with dance routines and ministry.   If you haven’t seen JP’s dance team, Invasion, please check them out on YouTube.  The U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Haiti came to Carrefour and was moved by the anointing on the song and dance they used to welcome him. He will never forget Carrefour!

We finally have security around our headquarters!  Thank you, Pastor Gavin Hassell and team from Word and Worship Church for the great group of men who put the wall back up around the mission.  They dug the footings, mixed cement and worked together with our church members and did a 3-week job in ten days! 

Thank you for trusting us to represent you in Haiti.  Come to see first-hand what God is doing!  We need your prayers and support more than ever.  We are under extreme pressure to meet our budget of $50,000 per month and really have no time to itinerate.  Please stand with us for a breakthrough!   We are so grateful for your faithful obedience to Him.  Pray that others will be raised up to support His work in Haiti. 

Love from the frontlines,

Terry and Cary 

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