January 18, 2011 Haiti

Update January 18, 2011

No further news regarding former Dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier.  If you have been watching the news today, you know he was escorted, not hand-cuffed, from his hotel in Petionville to the court. 

There is much talk about him being tried for the crimes he committed as ‘President for Life’ before he was ousted in 1986.  As of now, nothing has been established.  Most of the population doesn’t even remember all the brutality and corruption the Haitian people endured during the years of his reign over Haiti, so many think it would be a good idea to have him return. 

There is so much going on in the country right now.  If he is charged, so must all the others that followed him, including the current President.  Pray for safety for our people.  This is not over yet!

On a brighter side, our people are rejoicing because God warned us that there would be much political unrest in the early months of the year, but in March, things would turn around and we would see the beginnings of the ‘extreme reversal’ He has told us about for many years! 

We know God is still on the throne!


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