December 28, 2010 Haiti

Update December 28, 2010

Christmas came and went so quickly!  Over 2000 children showed up for the school programs, eagerly awaiting their day of fun and games.  Laughter filled the air as they played games, and sang and danced as only children can do! 

We gave out 120 school scholarships to those who would otherwise drop out of school.  On January 4, when schools open again, our staff will personally go to the schools to pay tuition for those from our church and a neighboring tent camp for those needy students.  Everyone attending the programs received school supplies.  Everyone was encouraged as they experienced the love of God in action.  Thank you for praying.  The seed was sown for a harvest we may never know!

On Sunday, 13 people gave their lives to Jesus and hundreds were delivered from the effects of past sin and bondage.  Every day, the Spirit of God continues to clean us up!

There is much unrest in Haiti today, not only in the government but also among the people, whose voices must be heard and protected.  No one is standing with the current government and people are demanding justice.  Living in horrible conditions for so long has brought much resentment and anger against the government.  Haitians will not put up with the same old system any longer.  They are looking for someone not involved in politics to lead them; they now relate politics to their misery. 

Growing pains are not comfortable… Continue to pray for us! 

God’s plan will be accomplished and we will see a new Haiti!


Search Light Ministries Inc