December 9, 2010 Haiti

Update December 9, 2010

We just returned at midnight last night from a quick ministry trip to California!  Many months ago, we arranged this trip with Barbara Donaldson, a dear Pastor’s wife we met in the early 80’s.  She asked me to share at her ladies’ luncheon in Santa Clara.  Terry and I had a great time, sharing at a Pastors’ dinner, the luncheon and then at her Bible study group where we met those who have supported us for many years.  What a joy to see God encourage His people there!   For us, it was an opportunity to re-visit places of our ministry beginnings.  We heard over and over again that the people were encouraged and challenged by what we shared about Haiti! 

We woke early Sunday morning and decided to visit our friends, Pastors Mark and Brenda Thomas, our first pastors in Minneapolis after we were Spirit-filled and hungry for God’s Word!   They now pastor Heart of the Bay Christian Center in Hayward.  We thought we were going to surprise them, but they surprised us when they asked us to share about Haiti and their congregation responded by taking an offering for us!

These days were refreshing!  We saw many special friends we spent much time with in the early years of ministry.  We don’t often get out of Haiti these days and even though it was a quick trip, as we brought refreshing to others, we ourselves were refreshed!

We were planning to return to Haiti tomorrow, but because of the unrest due to elections, everything is ‘shut down’ and the airport is closed until further notice.  Pray for Haiti and Light Ministries as we host a team from YWAM who just arrived Tuesday. 

Our Staff is very capable of taking care of them, but they must move in wisdom!  Today, the team went out in our neighborhood and prayed against fear and saw many baptized with the Holy Spirit!  For Terry and me, it is so rewarding to know that we don’t always have to be there to see the ministry go forward!  This is our greatest joy!


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