October 24, 2010 Haiti

Update October 24, 2010

Church of Light was packed this morning.  Terry preached on the Kingdom of God and walking in the fear of God.  When we know our position, we can walk above any epidemic or other situation we face!  It’s not about religion; it’s about relationship with a Living God!  It’s not enough to know about God; we must know Him!  As we spend time in His presence, His presence comes into us and we walk in His protection. 

We were so blessed to see how the church pulled together in unity while we were out of the country.  Today, we saw a new strength among them!

At the end of the service, we addressed questions about cholera.  The people now knew more than they had heard anywhere else.  There was absolutely no fear in them as they left!

After the service, we saw 21 more new converts water-baptized!  Each had his own testimony of how he/she got saved after the earthquake; several had been deep into the world and always sick.  Since they gave their lives to Jesus, they have not been sick in their bodies, not even one day!  When Jesus said it was finished, it was!  He died for our sin, for our sickness and our mental well-beingHere was more evidence!  They told how friends or family brought them to church and, not knowing how it happened, they found themselves at the altar receiving Jesus into their hearts!  The presence of God was so strong, they were hot and trembling in their bodies, something they had never experienced before!  

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement today.  God moved on several of you to pray for us in this latest situation that God would purify the waters.  We believe He will do just that and we will have another story of total victory when it is over! 

God is Faithful!  That’s how we know Him!




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