September 28, 2010 Haiti

Update September 28, 2010

Out of the ashes, beauty will rise!  A constant reminder of the devastating earthquake and subsequent aftershocks is the beauty of those who are still living in tents in our front yard.

Among them is our precious baby boy, Samuel, who was only 10 days old when his single mother and 4-year-old sister found their way to our house, stunned, hungry and depressed.  They are now a healthy little family! 

Today, Samuel, is a well-adjusted 8-month old, bringing life and joy to all of us!  He gets passed around from person to person all day long!  Everyone loves him!  He is so smart…  He knows if he cries loudly enough, someone from our house will open the door and bring him inside for extra hugs and kisses.  When his mom needs time to go to the market or take a shower or wash clothes, she knocks on the door to see if someone is free to take him.  Sammy is crawling, but there is nowhere outside or in his tent to crawl, so he comes inside to crawl!  The fact is, he really doesn’t want to crawl… Samuel wants to RUN! 

Terry and I find Samuel brings such peace and joy in the middle of our hectic schedules and when he comes inside, everything we are doing stops for a moment!!!  Terry carries him around as he chews on his eyeglasses.  He loves to play with me in front of the mirror, trying to figure out who he is and how there can be two of me!  He even sits patiently on my lap when I’m counseling!  He is currently cutting teeth, so sometimes he just wants to be held and not bounced around!  Most nights, his mom gives him to me to put him to sleep.  After thrashing around for five minutes, he lays his head on my shoulder and is deep in sleep!  Every night, it’s the same scenario!  When Sammy is asleep, my day is done! 

Samuel loves me!    If I have to go outside, I have to run past him or see that he is distracted so he doesn’t see me.  If I am holding him and must do something else, he won’t go to anyone, not even his momHe thinks he is mine!  He clings so tightly to me, his feet dangling out in front of him.  It’s so funny to watch… Everyone just laughs! 

Every day, we wonder what is ahead for this little boy.  With a name like Samuel, it’s got to be something great! 

God always supplies joy in the midst of pain, and peace in the midst of confusion and unrest.  We experience it every day!  Yes, it’s hectic and at times, overwhelming, but then He supplies the ‘Samuels’ to take the pressure off!



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