August 10, 2010 Haiti

Update August 10, 2010

We have been busier than normal, whatever ‘normal’ is these days…  We have a visiting team of youth from Minnesota and they are experiencing God in reality! 

We just finished a 10-hour seminar last weekend on the Motivational Gifts mentioned in Romans 12.  What a great time for our people to recognize what God has equipped them with to do His work!  When everyone finds his place in the Body, we will be so strong!

Sunday was so powerful!   As we entered into praise and worship, God began to move!  Everyone was affected by His presence!  It was like a river flowing from God was cleansing every one from all their past and giving them a preview of where they were going.  As they stepped into the ‘river’, some were crying, demons were screaming, people were being set free, never to be the same.  People came running to get saved, crying for their sin and worshipping Jesus. 

Several testified that they have been visited by angels, have had dreams and visions of what God is doing and were given a preview by the Spirit on Saturday night of what He would do in the morning service.  When it happened, they were so excited because they now knew they were sensitive to the Spirit of God!  When they come to church, they hear confirmations from each other, proving His power and presence in their lives!  When they hear God’s Word, there is their answer!  It’s so great to experience their growth and we grow too!   

Many curious people passing by the church Sunday morning poked their heads into the building.  Immediately, demons began to manifest and our Honor Guard carried them upstairs and cast the devils out of them! People on the outside don’t understand the supernatural things happening at Church of Light and judge us severely, but we know Who is in charge of our services and, one by one, our accusers come, give their lives to Jesus and grow with us.

One young man, Carlo, was tired of hearing comments about our church.  He said, ‘Come and see for yourself!   The day I leave that church will be the day I die because the Holy Spirit is so strong in that church you will feel him for yourself when you come.’   Last Sunday, several of his friends came to church and found themselves in awe of the Holy Spirit, frozen in their seats, crying and repenting and leaving the church changed… and with a whole new understanding of what goes on at Church of Light!

Continue to pray for us.  We are seeing something few churches have experienced in our day, but we believe this should be ‘normal’ in churches all over the world.  We don’t even like to be gone one day because each service is greater than the one before.  We as a church must remain humble, so God can continue to use us to set Haiti free!  That is His purpose for having us here.





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