April 18, 2010 Haiti

Update April 18, 2010

I arrived in Haiti yesterday after a busy time in Orlando, cleaning up the office and doing taxes.  There was not one minute to contact anyone.  Time went so fast.  I learned when I arrived here, that on Friday night, 35 people were baptized with the Holy Spirit!  These young converts are so eager to embrace all God has for them!

It’s Sunday again.  We had two tremendous services today, one, our regular morning service where six people were converted.  Then, tonight, we had our monthly healing service.  Everyone was asked to come and to bring those who needed healing in their bodies.  Terry and our friend, Jeff, tag-team preached!  The anointing was very strong and hundreds of people were instantly healed!  Jesus IS the same yesterday, today and forever!

We have had several more teams since I went back to Orlando.  Things are still getting picked up and organized, a never-ending task around here!  We also have Carl and his soon-to-be wife, Leigh, who are really a blessing.  Carl is a chef.  You know how I love having new things produced in the kitchen!  Leigh is a Surgeon’s assistant and has had opportunities to work in the clinic during her stay!  We are amazed at what God is doing this season… He is bringing to us the children of many of our friends we met early in ministry. What a joy!  Carl was 4 years old when his family attended the church we pastored years ago; now he is 30!  It’s amazing!

Tomorrow is a day full of appointments.  People are rising up and finding their places, but need much encouragement and guidance.  That’s a Pastor’s job!  That, above all the new challenges, is our first priorityto train our people in God’s Word and see them reach maturity.  We know God wants to use Church of Light as an example of a new Haiti.  When you look at the fast growth in these new believers, you will better understand what He is going to do in this country. 

God is good!  He is constantly moving us on to victory!


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