April 13, 2010 Haiti

Update April 13, 2010

Taxes are done for another year!  Yes, we have to do them too!  I finished our personal taxes last night and, when I got up this morning, I just knew the 990 for Light Ministries would be done before the day was over.  By 3:00 this afternoon, they, too, were done and accepted online!   It’s always such a relief to get that done.  Light Ministries’ taxes aren’t due until May 15, so I am ahead of the game.  I like to get an early start on things like this because of our hectic schedule, but this year, everything was put on hold because of the earthquake.  Actually, it was easier than I have ever known!  God is good!

Tomorrow, we are to close on the first carreau (3.19 acres) of the mountain land!  Pray!  We believe for the owner’s family to show up and for hassle-free paperwork!  I am so happy to report that we now need only $52,585 for the remaining land.  Yesterday, a wonderful partner put $10,000 in our bank for the land!  God is good! 

You have been so responsive to the many needs we have encountered since January 12, and we are so grateful for every dollar you have sent our way!  You can be assured it is going to further the Kingdom of God.

We are still having aftershocks from time to time!  Each time, the buildings shift a little more… Today, we discovered that our big upstairs depot was full of water after yesterday’s rain.  The roof and walls continue to crack and now are open and the rain is coming inside!  What a mess!  This is yet another work project we don’t need… another $1500 to remove a large tree and repair the roof and walls!

We got two of the trucks, along with the generator, out of customs!  For $17,000!  Isn’t that ridiculous?  We have been working on getting license plates for the trucks and the franchise paperwork updated to be able to get the others out of customs for little money.  Pray!  At every turn, the government is increasing its presence again!

Please pray for Terry as he meets daily with businessmen, city leaders and politicians to rebuild this nation.  God is at work, and we must stay in step with Him!  Everything must be done decently and in order!  Continue to pray for us for wisdom, health, strength and life!  We are doing well, but we wouldn’t have held up this long without you!  Keep praying!












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