April 4, 2010 Haiti

Update April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!  I pray you all had a wonderful time today, reflecting on what Jesus came to do.  “For this purpose was the Son of Man manifest that He should destroy the works of the evil one.”   

At Church of Light this morning, 19 Haitians gave their lives to Jesus!   

Terry preached… ‘Jesus redeemed us from a spirit of bondage and slavery and purchased us with His own blood.  How can we be satisfied with the failures of yesterday?  When we accept Him, we inherit new surroundings and opportunities as a Child of the King to step into our destiny!  We have moved from the kingdom of this world into God’s Kingdom!   It’s time to repent of dead works in order to have a future!’

When he finished preaching, about 200 stepped forward to be prayed for because they were ready to be free from past cares, rejection, hurts, fears and failures and to be resurrected into a new life with Him!

I am so grateful to serve a God who saw how man sinned and lost relationship with Him, yet had a plan to restore that fellowship!  When he sent His only Son to die for us, it was truly a sacrifice of love!  He paid the ultimate price to restore men to Himself! 

Even when we deny Him, He says ‘I love you!’  When we are betrayed, He says, ‘I love you!’  When we are misunderstood, He says ‘I love you!’  When we are falsely accused, He says ‘I love you!’   There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God!

He, who sent Jesus to die for us, also resurrected Him from death and called Him to heaven, where He is praying for us daily.   One day soon, He will send Him back for us, and we will rejoice together forever in Heaven. 

We look forward to that day!  Until then, with joy, we will carry on the task He has set before us… to see all of Haiti washed in His blood and walking in His love!  




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