March 13, 2010 Haiti

Update March 13, 2010

LouLou, our cook, has three girls.  When the earthquake came, LouLou was downtown shopping.   She could not find a TapTap (taxi).  She walked for several hours, not knowing if her children were dead or alive.  She cried all the way home as she saw hundreds of dead bodies in the street.  She said she was sure she had no house or children!

Sarah, her youngest daughter, had gone downtown to check on going to the University.  When she returned home, she was told the University had totally collapsed.   

Meriam was running the little business in their home.  Sarah came home and Meriam asked her to run the store.  Sarah said ‘No!’ she was going to watch TV.  She had showered and was about to relax when the ground shook, the house shook!  Sarah began to cry.  Mama was downtown!  Mama died!  She was sure of that!  Meriam cried all afternoon, wondering what had happened to her mother.

Souvenie is a nurse at the Red Cross.  When she came home, she was so happy her sisters were ok.  LouLou, on the other hand didn’t know the three girls were ok.  She finally arrived at her house; the door was closed.  Her house was standing!  It was perfect!

Many people died and had no proper burial.  LouLou lost a cousin and a niece at the university.  Each family has his own story.  God spared them and they have become so close now. 

God saved our people!  “To the Lord alone belongs escapes from death.”  Now, it’s all about finding His plan for their lives.  Together, we will move forward!  It’s an exciting time.  More and more, people are returning to their homes to sleep.  It’s really great.  The fear is leaving…

Today, we received permission from the City to set up the tents on the mountain!  We have such favor to do whatever we present.  The Mayor is impressed with the drawings we have had for a long time for Light Auditorium.  This, too, will benefit the whole community.  For many years, God has given us ideas which were for today! 

Our New Believers class continues to grow.  The people are full of questions about Who Jesus really is. 

It’s a big job, but we have a big God too!  Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support. 

Pray for an anointed service tomorrow morning.





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