March 10, 2010 Haiti

Update March 10, 2010

Today was a day to re-organize our bedroom!  Wow!  What a mess!  When the earthquake hit, the dressers shifted about six feet from the wall and then dumped on the floor.  LouLou and Marie Jude decided it would be best to just put everything into the drawers and I could organize them when I returned!  When I arrived, I couldn’t find anything!  Today, I decided to begin this project  so I could settle in again.  I’m half done!  Then I will start on Terry’s pile!  Then, on to the library corner where I can only see bookshelves tilted and empty! 

Tonight we had a great, liberating service!  Once again, the yard was full of people worshipping God, so grateful to be in His presence.  As the worship team sang, the people pulled together with one voice, and tears streaming down their faces, praised God we are all safe and together

Terry began to instruct them what was ahead as we rebuild a new Haiti.  They must break the ‘slave mentality’ and rise up to lead instead of always waiting for someone else to tell them what to do.  We must get ready to do something that has never been done before!  I think they realized tonight that they are the ‘remnant’ God has chosen to bring His glory to this nation!  After the service, I visited with many of the youth, reinforcing what God had spoken.  They are really excited to see change come through them

Alexandre told me that he was at the church in drama practice when the earthquake hit.  He went running home to find his mother and found his house totally collapsed.  Where was his mother?  She had quickly run out the building and was safe; however, she was worried about him and he was worried about her.  Eventually, they found each other and rejoiced that they had both escaped!

Teams continue to come and go.  Four people arrived today; three more tomorrow.  Two teams leave at different times on Friday.  Just the airport runs are challenging!  We have medical, construction and a specialty team to work on the generators, all sharing the floors where we have wall-to-wall beds!  Every bed is full and now all floor space is used up as well.  It’s quite a sight!

Thank you for standing with us.  Terry and I could never take on this challenge without knowing you were on the other end, holding up our arms.  Keep praying.  Keep giving.  Together, we will hear Him say ‘Well done!’


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