March 5, 2010 Haiti

Update March 5, 2010

Here is our latest monthly newsletter for those who have just joined us. God has done so much in the past month, it’s awesome!

March 2010

Dear Family,

We are experiencing a whirlwind of activity, open doors and miracles in the midst of chaos!  These past weeks have been challenging but, if you have been following Cary’s daily updates, you have seen highlights of what God is doing!  

In our area, over 8,000 people have been through the clinic; over 1,000 people have been saved and the believers have a renewed excitement in their Christian lives!

This is only the beginning of what God really wants to do in this country!  The devil’s day in Haiti is over!  Now, it is God’s time to restore and renew everything.  Every new contact and connection has to do with moving ahead, changing and doing what has never been done before!

When God said ‘Get ready!’ He wasn’t kidding!  The year of favor is upon us to move ahead!  This is Haiti’s year of promise.  Community leaders are open and looking for change!

The most important thing for us right now is to purchase the mountain land.   We must begin to build City of Light, starting with a ‘tent city’, then permanent housing. The remainder of only $85,000 for 9.5 acres of land is a must to save lives.  Rain-filled days and nights are upon us!

Repair on the church is also a must to house and teach so many new converts.  Many things must happen at the same time…now!  If we delay, we will lose what is started.  More aftershocks from the earthquake continue to come; on March 3, we experienced another 4.5.  It is a time of shaking, but God continues to use it to bring hunger and a desire to know Him.

The wall around the church property is finished!  Now, the cement must be laid and toilets, sinks and showers put in so we have access before the large tent is erected.  The pillars at the church must be secured before we can move back into the building.

Money is our greatest need to continue to feed people and purchase land needed to set up housing.  Work teams are here; now funds must be here for materials.  You know us; we are committed to make every dollar stretch as much as possible! 

Thanks so much for giving during these crucial times.  We’ve been blessed every day to watch God provide through you! Thousands of lives have been saved, physically and spiritually.

Keep praying for people in every area of the government to repent, to open their hearts to the truth and to be servants to the people.

Pray for continued wisdom, favor and discerning of spirits so we don’t waste time. Every moment must be used right and count for Him!  We are so thrilled to know you are praying!

God’s best to you from the frontlines,

Terry and Cary

P.S.  We leave Orlando tomorrow morning for Santo Domingo, sleep overnight and drive to Haiti on Sunday.  Am I excited to be going home?  YES, I AM!  I don’t know yet how long I will be in Haiti, but I will put an update on the website, so if each of you would notify those you send the updates to, to look for them online at that would be wonderful!  








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