February 23, 2010 Haiti

Update February 23, 2010

At 1:30 and again at 1:40 this morning, there were two more 4.3 aftershocks.  These earthquakes are bringing many Haitians to their knees…  They are beginning to see their only hope is in Jesus.

Hundreds of people came to New Believers class.  One, Bauvais, was a very powerful voodoo priest, a neighbor of Janice (the woman who escaped from the factory before it collapsed in the earthquake). Bauvais said in 2008 and again in 2009, he was going to give his heart to Jesus but didn’t… ‘But, in 2010, God shook me up…!’  Since he was converted, he is radically changed!  He stood up in class and began to ‘preach’ to everyone in the class like he had been a preacher for 15 years!  

He said, ‘Look at these people here (at Church of Light) when they sing… and, when they pray, they have a perfect connection with God!  Pastor Terry prayed with me on Sunday and now I really have something!  I am full of the Holy Spirit, not the spirit of the devil.  My prayers are different! I read the Bible every day!  But now, I see I have something in my house that belongs to the devil.  I need to get it out!’   He continued ‘Your first enemy is yourself.  Even your wife will try to pull you back, but you can’t go back.  Stay away from bad friends.  Stay away from bad music.  Pray.  Read your Bible.  Come to church where you can learn from these people who know more than you do!’  This man has known Jesus for one month!

Bauvais’ friend, Jean Pierre, another man steeped in voodoo, wanted to come to class too.  Olrich shared with the new believers how important it is to keep themselves pure.  ‘Don’t go back to where you were.  The devil will use anything to bring you back to where you once were.  It is important to pray and to stay in God’s Word.’  When Olrich was finished, Jean Pierre said to him, ‘I am not going home until I give my life to Jesus.  Give me the Jesus you serve!  He prayed to receive Jesus in his life!  When he finished, he said he felt so fresh, then asked if he can bring his wife to the church.  He said, ‘I must talk to her.  I must pray for her… I have to come back!’

This is the time for the Haitians to walk away from voodoo and see God’s power is greater than the power of the devil, no matter what position you had in voodoo! God is doing awesome things in people’s lives!

Many of you were praying we would find our items shipped in the trucks.  Today, we rescued some of our stuff!  We still haven’t found the medical supplies, tools (masonry, carpentry, car mechanics) or clothes, but continue to pursue this. We have Haitians who refuse to give up until they have checked every lead!  They are persistent!  Haitians know Haitians!

The one thing we know is God is still on the throne!  He doesn’t miss anything!  We can walk in perfect peace because we know Him!  Circumstances don’t change the fact that ‘The kingdom of God is… righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.’  We rejoice that we are of His kingdom!


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