February 21, 2010 Haiti

Update February 21, 2010

Thank you for praying!  God showed up at Church of Light this morning!  After the preaching, 37 people gave their lives to Jesus, and over 100 received the baptism with the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues!  Tonight at our monthly Healing service, 300 people were healed and another 14 were born again!  It is harvest time!

The Haitian government is taking over more and more and prices are getting higher and higher.  Almost everything is three times what it was before!  We are supposed to be able to bring items into the country duty-free for 6 weeks, but already, the cost is rising.  Many relief organizations and ministries have supplies held up in customs, just like before. 

The U.S. Marines will be leaving in a week.  We are really sad to see them go. When our military is on the ground, there is a sense of safety.  The people feel it.  They have been such a tremendous help to us in getting food and supplies distributed to our people in Carrefour.  The UN is taking over.  They have never helped this country before; I doubt if they will do any more now!  When the U.S. military leaves, there could be violence, and the UN will do nothing to curb it.  Pray!

Money is beginning to come in toward the $100,000 needed to buy the land in the mountain. If you can help us, please earmark it “Land” and that is where it will go.  We will let you know when we reach this goal.  We really can’t wait to get our people into tents on property that belongs to us, so they are safe.  Then, as we are able, we will begin to build.  We can’t build housing for the 400,000+ people in our city, but we must help those God has given to us!  That is a challenge in itself!  We normally minister to about 1500 people each week; now that number has increased! Pray! It’s not just about housing; it is about continuing to find food, water, medical care, schooling, employment… and for a long time! 

Even though we face obstacles each day, how can we not continue to trust God to see us through when we have seen so much favor up until now?  Continue to pray for wisdom:  We need it every moment!  Pray for strength:  We are weary!  Pray for health:  The rainy season is upon us and, as buildings are bulldozed and dead bodies are recovered, there could be much disease!  Pray for life:  We need HIS life flowing through our veins!

You are a tremendous source of encouragement to us.  Together, we will see a new Haiti arise from the rubble…a nation that lifts Jesus up as KING!



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