February 13, 2010 Haiti

Update February 13, 2010

People who survived the earthquake are really searching their hearts and every day, many are giving their lives to Jesus!  There were over 500 saved this week in our area.  Today’s New Converts class looked like a church! 

This weekend, the Christians have been fasting, praying, worshipping God, confessing their sins and asking for forgiveness.  Our yard is full and overflowing into the street…  Today was a day to praise Him for his favor upon us!  Tomorrow, Sunday, Christians will unite to march around the National Palace seven times!  They will repent on behalf of leaders who have worshipped the devil and abused the people for generations.  They will also be rejoicing that God has a plan to make Haiti a praise in the earth!  It is quite a time in Haiti! 

Terry arrived from the DR today with a team of construction people, who will access things for future teams and hopefully get the large tents set up.  The first 3 vehicles are to arrive on Monday; the dump truck was held up in Miami and will be in by the end of the week.  On those vehicles are building supplies, equipment and large tents, stakes and poles.  Please pray we can get them released quickly while we have workers ready to unload and set things up.  We still need land to set up our first ‘tent city’.  The tents for that should be in next week also.  Don’t stop praying…this is an ongoing challenge!

This coming week, the City will begin crushing blocks and building a seawall. The Mayor met with Terry today and asked him to be part of a 7-man City Planning Committee.  Pray!  Carrefour is to be a model for the nation.  God has a plan and we must find it!

Pray for services tomorrow.  The harvest is ripe!


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