January 24, 2010 Haiti

Update January 24, 2010

What a day to rejoice today!  The yard was FULL this morning for Sunday service.  The people really entered into praise and worship!  It was powerful.  Pastor Terry prayed for many, many individuals and most came to get rid of fear and oppression.  They got free!

Firefighters for Christ showed up.  They are staying at Olrich’s house.  They already began breaking down the wall and putting up plywood in preparation for rebuilding.  Teams are also waiting to come and help rebuild the wall all around the property.  It will cost $8000 USD to finish one side. 

Today, we found 2500 bags of food, with a promise to receive 2 tons every two weeks, I think from USAID.  We have people helping us that just get the job done, connecting people with need.  It’s the most amazing operation we have ever experienced.  GOD is so GOOD! 

This food will not only help our church, but several other pastors from Carrefour to Leogane, whom we know personally, with rice, beans, oil etc.  Now, you can understand why we needed to find trucks!  There will be much travel to distribute food.  Begin to pray right now that it will be safe to deliver the goods as it arrives. 

Our son, Aaron, is coming to Orlando Tuesday and hopefully will bring me the three CDs full of photos. Give me some time and I will get them out to you.  I really can’t wait to see what photos the teams are capturing.  Our own staff is so busy, they don’t have much  time to take photos.

This afternoon, I met with the Emergency Management guy, Benjamin Korson.  Wow!  I thought he was already part of us.  We had a great time sharing.  He is a Spirit-led believer with a plan for bringing order.  His job will be to get everyone organized and in position to take the load off Terry so he can concentrate on ministering to our people.  I know He is going to be blessed how our people have pulled up and are getting the job done!  Oh, the years of pouring into them is paying off!  

Benjamin flies to the DR tomorrow where Terry, Cinera and JP will meet him; then another team coming to film and to put together a plan for soon-coming work teams from the Minneapolis area, will also arrive.  Together, they will return to Haiti on Tuesday.  I pray Terry, Cinera and JP can get a little sleep while waiting for team members, but I know they also need to shop for supplies and food. 

When Benjamin left today, I cried.  I want to be with our people so badly.  But, for now, I know I’m more needed here.

In spite of the obstacles we face each day, I rejoice because God is bringing a huge team together, from every background, from everywhere, to help restore people’s lives.  To be in the center of seeing His hand at work is pure joy!!!


Search Light Ministries Inc