January 23, 2010 Haiti

Update January 23, 2010


Just a few things today to share:


The markets on the street are slowly opening up, but there is no rice!  Please pray that we can make contact with the proper agencies or depots where we can find a steady flow of food for our people.  It goes fast when you have so many to feed!  We are working with a Captain of the 82nd Airborne and getting into places we never thought we could get into… Pray we have a steady flow of free fuel too. 


We have teams now on the ground to search through damaged hospitals and try to find surgical equipment so we can set up operating rooms.  You never know what we will be doing next, huh?


The Huey helicopter is now on the ground.  That will be a tremendous help delivering supplies throughout the island.  What a great bunch of people God is sending our way!


How grateful we are that we have city water still coming into our property!  With all the cooking, bathing, washing clothes and equipment, we are so blessed!  Many have no water.  This is essential to all we are doing and God has once again provided!


Money continues to come in.  It is being spent nearly as fast as it comes just to keep going.  Our support base is growing daily.


Tonight our Administrator arrived.  This will take a lot of pressure off of Terry.  These special people who can handle stress well and organize various areas of operations are invaluable right now.  More will arrive next week.  Medical teams continue to come.  Fifteen more arrived tonight.  They got stopped up at the Embassy, but are now safely in Carrefour.


Continue to pray for us that we would have wisdom, strength and the ability to focus where we need to focus.  We will have church in the morning and our people are looking forward to that!  We pray that you will have a wonderful Sunday.  Please share a good testimony of what God is doing in the midst of what the world calls a disaster!  With Him, any ‘disaster’ can be turned into a tremendous outpouring of Himself.  We are doing all we can to meet physical needs right now, but our greatest joy is in delivering His Word to Haiti and watching an entire nation turn to Him!  That’s why we are here.  


We are working on our website this weekend and should have a new front page the first of the week where you can follow what God is doing. www.lightministriesinc.org.  If I don’t respond to emails, I will when all is up and running again.  Continue to email me.  I have been so encouraged!




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